The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced there will be no ICE enforcement related to Hurricane Dorian.


East Coast residents concerned about their immigration status who are also in areas impacted by Hurricane Dorian may breathe a small sigh of relief. The DHS has announced no ICE or CBP related enforcement initiatives will take place during evacuations or in shelters related to Hurricane Dorian, as of August 30, 2019.

Although the immediate and lasting impacts of the storm are still unfolding, we know many people are without electricity, livable housing, and access to clean water. Worse still, many have lost possessions, memories, family members and friends, and/or are completely displaced.

Bahamians and Immigration to the United States

It is likely Bahamians will choose to immigrate to the United States after the devastating storm wreaked havoc on their communities. It is now nearly impossible for large numbers of Bahamian residents to earn a decent living. Michael Weissenstein, of the Associated Press (AP), covered Hurricane Dorian in this piece. In it, he includes a quote from Avery Parotti, a Bahamian resident, whose life was changed by the hurricane. She states, “There’s nothing left here. There are no jobs.” Weissenstein goes on to note she is planning to immigrate to the United States and start living and working here. To do so, she will need a valid U.S. visa and work authorization, assuming she doesn’t already have citizenship or lawful immigration status.

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The United States may see many people and families immigrating to the United States from the Bahamas and nearby islands after Hurricane Dorian.

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