USCIS paperless efforts move forward with their announcement that I-130’s can now be filed online.



USCIS paperless efforts are moving forward after the service announced that Form I-130 can now be filed and relevant cases managed entirely online. The announcement is part of a wider effort to move the agency from accepting paper applications to becoming fully digital. The USCIS has announced many different undertakings and successes of their paperless efforts, including this article, which explains a bit about their digital immigration processing transition.

Acting USCIS director, Ken Cuccinelli, stated the following regarding the paper-to-digital process,

“Form I-130 is one of the most widely filed USCIS forms. As we continue our transition to paperless operations, petitioners can now experience the convenience of filing electronically. USCIS is increasing the number of forms available for online filing to make our agency more effective and efficient.” (See the full announcement here)

Of course, the move also puts a tremendous technological burden on the USCIS, which may also help explain its move to increase the fee amounts by 42% (weighted average) over just the last 2-4 years.

Forms Available for Online Filing

The following forms may now be filed and cases managed online:

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