TPS documentation for El Salvador, Haiti, Nepal, Nicaragua, Sudan, and Honduras extended through January 4, 2021, pending litigation.


TPS documentation expiration dates for those on TPS from El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua, Sudan, Honduras, and Nepal have been extended through January 4, 2021, pending litigation. Forms and documents included in the extension of the expiration date include Employment Authorization Documents (EAD’s), Form I-797, and Form I-94. Multiple federal court proceedings affect the expiration date of TPS documentation expiration, including, but not limited to, Ramos, et al. v. Nielsen, et. al., Saget, et. al., v. Trump, et. al., and Bhattarai v. Nielsen. So, please be sure to check back for updates in the coming weeks and months to make sure nothing has changed, or at least get in touch with your immigration lawyer. Here is a link to the USCIS announcement regarding the extension.

What is TPS?

TPS stands for Temporary Protected Status, and refers to the ability for certain individuals and their family members to petition the Department of Homeland Security to temporarily stay and work in the United States, usually due to armed conflict or disastrous conditions in their home countries preventing a safe return. Here is a link to the USCIS website that explains a great deal about TPS and who may or may not be eligible.

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