USCIS Denver Field Office Making Big Changes


The USCIS Denver Field Office is making big changes to its operations. Pursuant to the Information Services Modernization Program, which, according to the Denver Post went into effect on June 24, 2019, several functions of the USCIS Denver Field Office that people generally expect are no longer available, at least, not without internet access.

According to the USCIS Denver Field Office website, at least two regular functions of the USCIS now require online access to be utilized.

“In order to visit this office or to speak with an immigration services officer, you must have an appointment scheduled by USCIS or you must schedule an InfoPass Appointment.” (Click here and expand the menu under “Field Office Services” to read more).

In other words, you can’t visit the USCIS Denver Field Office or talk to anyone helpful there without internet access and/or an appointment scheduled by USCIS. The field office is located at 12484 East Weaver Place, Centennial, CO 80111.

Also, in an effort to “expand their online payment system,” USCIS customers will no longer be able to make their fee payments by money order or cashier’s check. Effectively, this means those without a bank account or access to a debit/credit card will have to find alternative means to make their fee payments, such as buying preloadable cards.

If you or someone you know has difficulty with these changes at the USCIS Denver Field Office or any other field office, such as not knowing how to make your fee payments if you don’t have a bank account, Christians Law, PLLC is here to help. Tyler Christians is an experienced immigration attorney and can help you with your immigration needs. Please give us a call by clicking or tapping here, visit our contact page, or simply fill out our form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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