USCIS and EOIR Operational Status Update


Update: USCIS and EOIR Operational Status – Brooklyn and New York City USCIS Field Offices remain closed, among others. Open USCIS field offices require face masks and ask individuals to bring their own ink pens. Some EOIR Immigration Courts have resumed non-detained hearings. MPP hearings and in-person document service are still postponed until July 20, 2020.

USCIS and EOIR Operational Status

USCIS Operational Status

As of June 4, non-emergency, face-to-face USCIS Field Offices and USCIS Asylum Offices mostly reopened to the public. However, some field offices, such as the Brooklyn and New York City field offices, remain closed for non-emergency public services. All USCIS Application Support Centers are closed until further notice. All USCIS International Field Offices were either permanently closed prior to the COVID-19 pandemic or remain temporarily closed due to pandemic conditions. If you do need to visit a USCIS Field Office, please read their rules for visiting posted here. You are required to wear a face mask, and are encouraged to bring your own blue or black ink pen. Please note that USCIS Field Offices may close again after this is posted, so be sure to check the USCIS Office Closings website for confirmation before heading to your local field office.

See our post, Coronavirus Disrupts USCIS, to learn more about COVID-19 and USCIS temporary office closures.

EOIR Operational Status

Most immigration courts are open, but some remain closed. Please check the table on the EOIR Operational Status page for updated information on your local immigration court.

Non-detained Hearings

Some immigration courts have resumed non-detained hearings. If your immigration court does not have an announced date in the table here, your non-detained hearing may be postponed through July 10, 2020. Please contact your immigration lawyer, call the EOIR at 800-898-7180, or use the EOIR Automated Case Information Portal to check the status of your case.

Read our post, EOIR Immigration Court Delayed, for more information about COVID-19 and EOIR Immigration Court delays.

Be sure to check the EOIR’s website, EOIR Operational Status During Coronavirus Pandemic, frequently, as this information is subject to change.

Migrant Protection Protocols Hearings

Both Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) hearings and in-person document service are postponed until July 20, 2020, when the DOJ and DHS plan to resume both.

Please see our post, Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) Hearings Delayed Another Month, for more information regarding MPP hearings and the EOIR’s operational status.

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