New travel documents to contain enhanced forms of security.


New travel documents with security boosts began production just two days ago (October 24, 2019) by the USCIS. They are designed to,

“… prevent secure document tampering, counterfeiting, and fraud.” (See the USCIS press release regarding the new travel documents here)

The new travel documents are intended to serve in place of the following travel documents:

Form I-327

Form I-327 is the official form number of a re-entry permit. More information  regarding Form I-327 re-entry permits can be found here.

Form I-571

Form I-571 is the official form number of a refugee travel document. More information regarding refugee travel documents may be found here.


According to the USCIS, which obviously revealed very little information regarding exactly what these security enhancements might be, some of the security features/boosts of the new travel documents include:

  • Redesigned booklet cover
  • Four montages containing three images, each of notable U.S. architecture, used throughout the booklet
  • A combination of first-, second- and third-level security features (overt, covert, and forensic)
      • Overt is something you can see with the eye, such as the central image of the Statue of Liberty.
      • Covert is something that requires a tool, such as a magnifying glass, to see fine detail artwork.
      • Forensic is something that requires laboratory examination.

According to foster+freeman, a forensic document examination firm in the UK, third-level security features might mean the use of technologies to record IPI, or Invisible Private Information, taggants / micro-taggants, and others.

A taggant / micro-taggant, might be any form of unique signature of identity that the U.S. government can tailor to their needs. In other words, they can hide tiny things in the document that can uniquely identify the individual document from others. Such technology, among other uses, may enable the USCIS to track and prevent the duplication of these travel documents.

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