Review by Anonymous


“I approached Mr. Tyler 2 months ago regarding a legal ‘situation’ I was/am in. Still have an active engagement with him. Like anyone facing a possible legal issue, I was depressed, scared to the extreme, apologetic, mopey and had lost my mind. And on top, the fear of expenses and legal costs. I confided my case into Mr. Tyler and must frankly say talking to him alone each time was a big help to my fragile state of mind. His objective assessment and analysis greatly helped me see beyond the smoke and fog and get some clarity.

Initially I was a bit apprehensive as he primarily dealt with immigration law and my case was more on the criminal side, but after talking to him the first times, I got a feeling his knowledge and clarity on all areas was awesome and helpful. Very approachable over email/phone/in person, he came across to me as with good analysis, trustworthy, firm communication. Money wise too, I felt he was very flexible in his rate quotes and understood his client’s ability and means and was very supportive, dependable. If you are an ordinarily person like me with limited legal knowledge, I’d suggest you consult/hire him without a doubt.” – Anonymous

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